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I am Christina - an Architect, who doesn't do buildings.
Yes, in an earlier life I studied the noble art of Architecture - but in the world today the questions the urbanists set out to answer long ago have changed significantly - in fact they change every minute of every hour of every day.

In my personal work I question (and have been questioning for a while) spatial, ecologic and social structures to develop concepts and strategies that promote change.
While these explorations are purely based on reflection and research, I also apply a multidisciplinary set of skills commercially in my role as DScientist
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June 2013
A long needed update. We're presenting our latest urban application project this Fri / Sat during the Communication in the City conference at the University of Leeds, UK. We're excited to see what the academics think of this! More on the project soon - watch this space.

May 2013
We're proud to present our latest child: Bottom-up urbanism at its best: Do Not Plan, Play The City!, an interview with Ekim Tan of Play the City! Amsterdam.

April 2013
Equipped with brand-new biz cards and lots of new contacts we continue the search for answers to the question: what to do with all the empty office spaces - a typology which usually doesn't work with easy conversions into residentials. I'm discussing options and approaches in 'Design Thinking gone Architecture'.

March 2013
We are very excited as our new business cards are finally send off to the printer! The waiting has begun...

February 2013
My time as a correspondent for the Online Magazine Urban Times is going well: 21 articles published so far, all of which have been received very well. I'm enjoying myself, and as the topics tend to circle around co-creation and collaboration, I'm pleased to announce my involvement in a co-creation workshop to kickstart a social project in Amsterdam next week. More on this come soon.

January 2013
While a wave of flu shakes the DScientific HQ we've been winding down a little and focus on our new identity. Stay tuned, it's going to be great. Until this is up, www.dscientific.com links to this very site, my individual portfolio.

January 2013
Wishing everybody a Happy New Year! We're busy with the application of current projects for European conferences. Stay tuned, soon more at this spot!

December 2012
Perfect timing with the Christmas season: My Pinterest board for Philip's #PinYourCity Contest won a runners up prize. It was also mentioned here by Mark Minkjan on City Breaths.

December 2012
My first articles are published on Urban Times: Towards a New Era of Production as an introduction to the maker culture and my research on the Dutch tradition Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet.

November 2012
Looks like I got shortlisted for the Philips PinyourCity Contest on Pinterest. Fingers crossed!

November 2012
The outcome of the Venice Workshop: Local Code Venice currently on display during the Architecture Biennale 2012 in the American Pavilion, exhibition 'Spontaneous Interventions'.

October 2012
Exciting times: The workshop in Venice was amazing, more on this note here: Urban Panorama Apart from this: DScientific is now an official company, registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) of the Netherlands! There will be Champagne and cake tonight at our new HQ in Amsterdam's Brouwersgracht - more on the HQ in A Workspace with a View.

September 2012
Back after the summer - we are looking forward to a workshop next week during the Architecture Biennale in Venice. The workshop is titled 'Local Code Venice' and is run by Nicholas De Moncheaux, a Berkley professor, in collaboration with the American Pavilion.

July 2012
Unfortunately it turns out that the KIEM project in collaboration with temp.architecture.urbanism was not what the city of Amsterdam was looking for - the jury report is available online (in Dutch): PRIJSVRAAG TIJDELIJK GEBRUIK SLUISBUURT. The winning concept proposes a Zeilwagenpark: to use the land for racing with kite buggies. We congratulate the winners and say: Make your own piece of Amsterdam! (there's is still a chance as Zeeburgereiland is much bigger than the tender area) to be continued...

May 2012
Latest project in collaboration with temp.architecture.urbanism is online (in English): KIEM / TEMPLoT. Make your own piece of Amsterdam!

May 2012
What Design Can Do is over! Latest project in collaboration with temp.architecture.urbanism is online: www.temparchitecture.nl/kiem (all in Dutch though). Make your own piece of Amsterdam!

April 2012
April is almost over - Queensday is approaching for the Dutchies! I'm very busy with the production of What Design Can Do, and the latest project on the table. More about this soon. Exciting times!

March 2012
Some 3D print projects are on the way, and I´ve started my role as a Assistant Producer for What Design Can Do, an international Conference about the Impact of Design, 10 & 11 May 2012. Oh and, spring, here we come! The sun is shining ;)

February 2012
The outcome of the workshop of Social Cities of Tomorrow results in a project with temp.architecture, Tapp and more to develop a concept for temporary usage for the unused Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam. Stay up to date via Twitter.

January 2012
Finally updated the SOCIAL CONCEPT section and added my entry for the American Life At The Speed Of Rail (LASR) competition last year

December 2011
An exciting collaboration is coming up with Kit Jilly Ding, an Hongkong based designer and illustrator. A new bag model with Jilly's designs is on its way...

November 2011
Amazing new video online of my trip to Lebanon > all available on EATIZENs youtube channel

September 2011
A month of traveling has passed - four projects are in the making for the Launch of 3Dock.com, some of them influenced by traveling and Middle Eastern culture since a trip to Beirut, Lebanon. Stay tuned!

August 2011
New research is on: TEMPORARY MADE PERMANENT... Expect products, furniture and spacial stuff. More to see here soon!

May 2011
Eatizen.net Go global. Eat local. We're officially in BETA! Let me know and you'll get an invite!

April 2011
I am happy to present: Eatizen.net Go global. Eat local. A new network connecting global travellers and open minded locals online to meet offline. Mail me for an invite!

February 2011
Proud to be one of the founders of 2084! We're working around the themes of Design Space and Future using a unique fictional approach to design. More on www.2084studio.nl

January 2011
Please check out my new blog project Urban Panorama - Observations, notions, trends and developments in urban culture and space.

December 2010
New project! Discovering beautiful Asia and its food... Soon more via www.eatizen.net

October 2010
The exhibition "La partecipazione alle idee" in Bologna was a big success and will soon be repeated: Check >> here for some pix and info.

September 2010
Design Exhibition "La partecipazione alle idee" in Bologna, Italy (ISIA Urbino). >Click here for more info where & when<...

August 2010
We are invited to contribute in collaboration with Tom Tjon A Loi to the design exhibition "La partecipazione alle idee" on Open Source Design in Bologna, Italy (ISIA Urbino). More info to follow...

July 2010
We got one round further in the challenge for the Guinness Bring it to life Awards 2010...

June 2010
Working on a new / old / 'ongoing' research project:

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